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The wiki about Within the Wires, an audio-drama podcast
created by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson.





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Listen. Remember. Comprehend.

"Can you hear what's being said? ...Can you hear what's being left unsaid?" -- Roimata in Metropolitan Museum of Art (1981)

Within The Wires is an audio drama podcast from Night Vale Presents about a society in which countries and family structures have been abolished in the wake of the Great Reckoning which killed a huge portion of the Earth's population. The story follows a family that has been scattered by the rules of the Society.

Season 1 takes the form of a set of ten relaxation tapes given to a resident of the Institute in an attempt to help them escape. Season 2 is a collection of ten museum audio tours which unravel the mystery of an artist's missing mentor. Season 3 is a government employee's descent into scandal and conspiracy through dictaphone reels. Season 4 is the private musing and sermons from The Cradle's leader to her daughter. Season 5 is a collection of voicemails concerning the relationship between two women told in reverse order. There is also a bonus season available for Patrons called Black Box, and you can learn more about that here!